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How to Keep Your Smile Safe on National Coffee Day

September 8, 2023

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a cup of coffee

If you’re someone who cannot resist a good cup of joe in the morning, you’re not alone. On September 29, Americans and Canadians alike will celebrate National Coffee Day, drinking various brews from light to dark and everything in between. With statistics stating that nearly 400 million coffees are consumed in America each day, it is easy to see why this special concoction gets its own special holiday. But while it might seem as if coffee is a harmless beverage, it can lead to damaging effects on your teeth if you’re not careful. To help you prepare for the big day of celebration, here are a few ways to protect your pearly whites while also enjoying your favorite cup of coffee.

What Makes Coffee Harmful to Teeth?

Although many individuals prefer black coffee as opposed to those filled with syrups, creams, and sugars, the latter tends to be the cause for concern. Many dentists urge coffee drinkers to hold the cream and sugar for fear that cavities may form.

Halitosis and tooth stains are also common risks associated with drinking coffee. Because there are tannins found in coffee – natural compounds that offer texture – they can often stain teeth if left in place for too long.

Bad oral bacteria are also known to form, which can cause harmful acids to begin breaking down tooth enamel over time, resulting in the formation of cavities.

Ways to Protect Teeth From Coffee

If the idea of giving up coffee is something you simply cannot fathom, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are things you can do to minimize the damage caused to your pearly whites. These include:

  • Drink your coffee at specific times of the day (i.e., morning, evening), and do not sip it. Continuing to do so will cause the tannins and sugars to remain on your teeth for extended periods, increasing the chances of decay.
  • Rinse your mouth with water or brush your teeth once you are finished with a cup of coffee, as this will work to remove any stains that might otherwise try to penetrate the enamel.
  • Drink your coffee with a straw so that the liquid does not come into direct contact with your teeth.
  • Consider talking to your dentist about teeth whitening to boost the shade of your smile.

Now that you have some valuable tips to follow, you can celebrate National Coffee Day knowing that your smile is better protected against stains and cavities.

About the Author
Dr. Mike Hamid Mirsepasi is a periodontist who possesses more than two decades of experience in the field of dentistry. Earning his Graduate Prosthodontic Specialty Certificate from the University of Medicine in Dentistry in New Jersey, he completed advanced research for a Master of Science in Dentistry as well. As the lead specialist at HM Dentistry, he works closely with patients to identify ways to safeguard smiles against stains, decay, and other harmful oral health conditions. If you are looking to protect your teeth from discoloration, contact us at (972) 231-5744.

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