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How Do Dentists Color-Match Dental Crowns?

June 2, 2022

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Cartoon image of a tooth wearing a crown.

One of the most interesting aspects of modern dentistry is the way it’s able to flawlessly combine art with science. Certain restorative solutions like dental crowns are a prime example of this; not only must your dentist come up with a way to fix your affected tooth, but they also must make sure it looks nice and natural! That said, how do dentists successfully color-match dental crowns to teeth? Keep reading to learn more.

Why Are Teeth Different Colors?

Technically speaking, teeth don’t have a color—they have a shade, which includes hue, chroma, and value. Hue is the same thing as color, and teeth naturally have red, yellow, and grey hues that combine into the white color we’re able to see. Chroma is the saturation or intensity of the hue, and value is how light or dark the shade is. That said, your teeth aren’t just white—and your dentist must carefully select the appropriate shade for your crown so that it matches your teeth. This can also be a little tricky because sometimes teeth within the same mouth are a variety of different shades because of staining, existing restorations, or other causes.

How Does My Dentist Choose the Correct Color for My Crown?

Your dentist will have to put a little time and effort into matching your crowns to your teeth, but it’s very doable! They might use a shade guide, which is a card with a row of fake porcelain teeth of varying hues. They can hold the guide up to your mouth to better determine which hues need to be used. There are a few things they’ll need to take into consideration:

  • Natural lighting – Different types of light (warm light, soft light, intense light, UV, etc.) can change the way something looks. Your dentist will test varying types of light in conjecture with the style guide to determine the best-looking hue for your crown.
  • Controlling color contrast – Bright colors can make it difficult for your dentist to focus on the shades of your teeth, so if you’re wearing brightly-colored makeup like lipstick, it can throw off their analysis. You might also need to wear a gray apron to neutralize any color contrast caused by your clothing.
  • Adjacent teeth – Some dentists might use advanced technology to scan and take pictures of your natural, adjacent teeth—they can then analyze the shade of your adjacent teeth to help make your crowns.

There’s a lot that goes into color-matching your dental crown, but the effort is well-placed! Upon receiving a well-made and correctly colored crown, your smile will look and feel fantastic.

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